Opgeleid als bedrijfskundige, ontwikkeld als change & learning consultant, 25 jaar ervaring bij verschillende organisaties, wereldwijd, creatief ondernemend.

Enkele van de grootste multinationale bedrijven vertrouwden mij de resultaatgerichte en projectmatige begeleiding van hun mensen overal ter wereld toe. Als professional zijn mij 25 jaar stevige multiculturele projectuitdagingen gegund,
waardoor ik veerkracht leef en voor anderen ontwikkeling en verandering levend krijg.


van managers en collega’s waar ik nauw mee heb samengewerkt in het bedrijfsleven

“Ik zie Marc als een man met een hoop kennis, die een ander eerlijk en heel open tegemoet treedt. Ik zie iemand die op een authentieke manier duidelijk doorvraagt en snel tot de kern komt (ziet waar het aan schort). Marc legt de vinger op de zere plek en kan de ander tegelijkertijd in beweging krijgen en motiveren.” 

Ton Lunesu

Account Manager Novo Nordisk

“Marc has got a broad experience in talent development, learning & knowledge management, BPM and different IT domains that added a lot of value. He demonstrated a strong global outlook capability in completing the global IT Career Development implementation, especially by leading the development of competency based learning curriculums. Marc was very valuable and visible in his capability to engage in business relationships with different stakeholders in- and outside IT in creating a comprehensive Knowledge Management Framework.”

Adel Al Robayea

Leader IT People Development Sabic​

“I really enjoyed cooperating with Marc. Next to the fact that Marc is an expert in HR-related matters and a warm personality, I appreciate Marc above all for the way he manages issues. With the ultimate wish that you reach your goal, he is able to trigger you with the right challenging questions. He offers guidance in your development process in such a way that you are able to outline your own path. This positive approach is very inspiring.

Michel Schelkens​

Financial Leader

“Marc’s creative thinking, deep expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a people and organisational development professional made him an absolute pleasure to work with. He continually delivered outstanding results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional insights, and showed genuine integrity and respect in working with others in a global setting. Marc is enthusiastic, personable and a brilliant networker. His strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects of his profession make him a valuable contributor to any situation or team. Marc tops my recommend list.”

Remi Gulzar

Innovation Director

“I hired Marc to develop and conduct our management development program for our tactical managers. From the offset Marc was very in tune with our business needs and proved to be a valuable addition in creating and executing the program. He excells when working with smaller groups where he has the opportunity to to go below the surface and make people think about what they really need to grow on a professional as well as a personal level.” 

Marcel Driessen


“Marc is sensitive for atmosphere and he knows to create a pleasant working climate for himself and his team. Wherever this falters, he acts in the interest of the group and takes corrective actions. He is a team player, building steady relations based on trust and discretion. As a creative knowledge-worker he holds clear concepts and focused project paths as key priorities. Marc loves sparring with colleagues and he is skillful in switching from educating to coaching.”

Hein Willems

IT Program Director

Marc was responble for setting up and implementing a training program for our employees on our new core administrative IT system. The training was highly appreciated and had a fair contribution to the  implementation success.

Ruben Wenselaar


"Wat doe je met je talenten....? Je moet woekeren met je talenten!"

Prof. dr. Lidewey van der Sluis, hoogleraar | mijn coach in het Nyenrode Talent Lab